shephardess Sophie Arlott

Sophie Arlott – Shepherdess

Lavinton Lamb is produced by shepherdess Sophie Arlott.

Sophie farms her native breed sheep in the small Lincolnshire village of Lenton, known historically as Lavinton. She has a flock of 200 ewes – Southdown, which are used as sires, and Hebridean, Lleyn, Cheviot and Romney ewes (see breeds for more information).

She has lived on the farm since 1999 with her husband and two sons. Her first flock was pedigree Southdowns, but she didn’t start breeding sheep as a business until 2010. The turning point came when she served two legs of lamb at lunch, and realised the vast difference in flavour between her own lamb, and the leg bought from the butcher.

“It made me angry. Why are we eating tasteless continental breeds when our native sheep are so much better? I want people to enjoy the delicious taste of real lamb.”
says Sophie

Sophie farms her flock of traditional British breeds extensively – they graze on the lush ancient pastureland that surrounds her farmhouse. Animal welfare is a top priority for this artisan producer – her sheep enjoy the finest quality of life. She is closely involved with every stage of their lives, from lambing them herself, keeping a constant watch on the newborns, driving them to the local abattoir personally, and delivering orders to restaurants in her van.

Lavinton Lamb satisfies the growing desire for consumers to know exactly where their meat comes from (“hyper-provenance”). The lamb is available to buy direct from Sophie’s farm; customers can see the flock in the field, meet Sophie, and purchase anything from delicious lamb burgers and sausages, handmade by this modern shepherdess herself, to a joint, or a collection of cuts and chops for the oven or BBQ – all defined by Lavinton Lamb’s exquisite flavour and superb quality.

Her success is underlined by the confidence shown in her product by top chefs – four Michelin-starred restaurants serve Lavinton Lamb, as well as other establishments in London and the Midlands.

For more about Sophie see this article in Country Living magazine

“Lavinton Lamb is a unique product, driven by customer enjoyment and satisfaction, combined with high consideration for animal welfare.” says Sophie

Meet Sophie in the video below:

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Lavinton Lamb

Great Taste 2* 2017
Lavinton shoulder of lamb

3* Great Taste Award
Lavinton shoulder of Hebridean cross lamb

Great Taste Award 2015
Lavinton Southdown lamb cutlet


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