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Sophie Arlott

Sophie Arlott – Shepherdess

Sophie has lived on the farm since 1999 with her husband and two sons.

Careful stockmanship and high welfare are hugely important factors in producing really delicious lamb. Sophie is hands on all the way through the process, from lambing to taking the lambs to the abattoir; she ensures they have a low stress, high quality of life.

Her sheep graze on rich pastures around the farm as well as on The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s wildflower meadows and grassland, eating a high diversity of grasses and wildflowers. You don’t get this with mass produced lamb and that ensures a fabulous flavour.

Her success is underlined by the confidence shown in her product by top chefs – LAVINTON lamb is served in numerous Michelin-starred and other fine dining restaurants in London and the U.K.
Download this article to read more about Sophie in Lincolnshire Pride magazine.

“LAVINTON Lamb is a unique product, driven by customer enjoyment and satisfaction, combined with high consideration for animal welfare.” says Sophie


Meet Sophie in the video below:

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Amazing quality meat

We cooked it low and slow and the shoulder was really moist and tender. This lamb had a delicious sweet flavour and the fat was very good. An excellent piece of meat – faultless.

Nathan Outlaw,
Restaurant, Cornwall
(2 Star Michelin)

Fantastic… really good

Well done!

Fabrice Uhryn,
Waterside Inn, Bray
(3 Michelin stars)

GBFA Winner

Great Taste 2* 2017

3* Great Taste Award

Great taste award 2015


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