Lavinton finalist in British Farming Awards

Lavinton Lamb is a finalist in the British Farming Awards, in the category of New Entrants, for farmers who have been in the industry for no more than three years. The award looks for entrants who are “able to demonstrate resilience, tenacity, and determination” in their attempt to pursue their own farm business.


The British Farming Awards highlight the determination and tenacity of British farmers in ever-changing and challenging conditions and climates. The awards are about recognising farmers who are taking positive steps to achieving a bigger and better business thanks to the innovations they have made.

Now in their third year, the British Farming Awards, organised by Briefing Media Agriculture, publisher of Farmers Guardian, will reward the extraordinary breed of farmers who have made their business a success through sheer determination, grit and foresight.

“The quality of entries was consistently high and, at a time when farmers are facing increasing challenges, the innovation and determination shown by your entries exceeds expectation,” says Briefing Media Agriculture.

The winners of the British Farming Awards will be announced on 15 October 2015.

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