Lavinton Lamb wins Silver at British Farming Awards!

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We are thrilled to announce that Lavinton Lamb won the Silver (Runner-Up) Award in the New Entrants Category at the British Farming Awards last week.

The awards, which are organised by the Farmers Guardian and sponsored by the NFU among others, are designed to celebrate the creative thinking, innovation and dedication of Britain’s farmers. The ceremony was held on Thursday 15 October at Chateau Impney Hotel, Droitwich Spa and was attended by over 450 farmers and industry professionals.

Gold and Silver Awards winners at the BFA.
Gold and Silver Awards winners at the BFA . Sophie is in the black and white print dress with black boots!

The category in which Lavinton Lamb won the Silver Award is New Entrants – Against the Odds, for those “able to demonstrate resilience, tenacity, and determination in their attempt to pursue their own farm business… Regardless of size or scale… a farmer who has started their business from scratch.”

Sophie says: “It was a great night and very rewarding to be recognised by the farming industry. Thanks to my family, friends and fellow farmers and, of course, to all the chefs who have supported me and helped make my dream become a reality. The obstacles never really seem like problems; they are just part of the job – in my opinion, the best job in the world!”

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On the BFA website, you can read an excellent description of how Lavinton Lamb came about, and what we do – our ups and downs along the way, and our plans for the future.

Here’s a taster. To read the full text, click here.

What began as a hobby with a few pedigree Southdowns has now resulted in a full-time business for first generation farmer Sophie Arlott.

Sophie farms her flock of traditional British breeds extensively across a predominantly grass-based system, performance-recording them to increase value within the commercial market. With support and knowledge from other farmers, she has learned to balance different breeds, enabling her to sell all-year-round and she has learned to utilise all cuts to produce burgers, sausages, BBQ packs and marinated cheaper cuts.

Despite nearly losing all her flock to snow a few years ago, she recovered with the help of a local farmer who offered her his sheds, and she is now in her fourth year of business.

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